What Is A Family Daycare?

artarmon family day care

Due to the busy schedules and the demanding jobs it has become important for the parents to look for a safer place for the kids.  There are so many different ways of handling the kids and the most preferred among these is the option of artarmon family day care. It is a new concept that is flourishing with the passage time. It is just the right alternative to the center based care. This kind of child caring help is available to handle those in the early years of their lives. Thus, it supports the educational and behavioral needs of a young child.

What does family day care mean?

The family day care is the child support program that ensures quality services to groom the children by staying within the home. This kind of child care system usually targets the children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years.

While talking of the family dare in Australia it is worth mentioning that it makes huge part of the childhood education activities taking place in Australia. Over 14,000 educators are providing assistance to 131,600 children living in different parts of Australia.

The family day care centers are created according to the standards set by the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework. These standard setting bodies are the part and parcel of the national legislation that appeared back in 2012.

Difference between family day care and long day care

The basic concept behind the two is to support the young children by giving them education and care that they need. It is for this reason that both these have become an essential source of support for the parents in all parts of Australia.

The family day care centers are different from the other due to following reasons:

  • The family day cares provide the services through highly qualified professionals that render their services by staying within the domestic limits.
  • The group of children involved handled in these centers include not more than 4 children at a time.
  • The services are approved by the registered agencies that pay regular visits to check the services being provided.
  • Besides the school hours the service providers manage 3 additional children.
  • It is a 24/7 service that is popular among the working parents of Australia.
  • They have flexible working hours so the parents can ask for their assistance any time in the day. Thus, the family day care can be helpful in the unforeseen situations.
  • It is just the right option for handling the children with special needs.

Managing the family day care services

The job of handling the family care centers is often managed by the different community groups or the local authorities. Considering the growing popularity of the services there are several nonprofit organizations involved in the practice too that are managing these centers on their own. The system is a well-coordinated one that allows the parents to stay connected with the centers and manage the things when any of the educators is not present. There are field workers who keep visiting the centers to make everything work perfectly.